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Like a kid on Christmas, I swear.

Happy Monday! I am LOVING this weather. But the fun isn’t the only thing making me giddy…and it’s not coffee either.

It is the amazing packaging products I just got from Kraft & Jute! I ordered my last packaging from this company, but they outdid themselves this time. One of my favorite things to do as a business owner (other than to-do lists and making friends…) is getting fresh new marketing and packaging material. Yes, I am fully aware how nerdy that sounds and I’M TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

You know what else is nerdy? Making a blog post to celebrate new packaging material. I’ve embraced it, and I hope at least ONE person enjoys this post as much as I do…

So I am seriously just going to jump in and rave about all of this. In detail. So if you aren’t a fan of ridiculous excitement about seemingly inconsequential things, get out while you can! Here’s your chance!

No? Okay, let’s get excited!

WHITE BURLAP USB POUCHES! Just look at them. Bah! So awesome. And that button?!
When I decided I needed new branding, I knew that I wanted to keep some of the same vibe of what my business has looked like but I want to clean it up and class it up. I am so happy with how all of this is coming together. The logo and letterheads retain that circular aspect that all of my logos have had and this adorable little burlap pouch has the vintage feel of burlap but is a clean looking white – now imagine it with a beautiful little bamboo USB drive…*sigh* So great. (USBs are on their way too!)


Now this one…well, it’s not a marketing piece for me, but even my packaging material came beautifully packaged. This contained the little print release inserts that you’ll see in a minute (if you are still reading this, that is. Ha!)


FINALLY! Address labels that I LIKE! What?! And the pink of the logo printed just beautifully. I cannot wait to mail things! Which is weird, because I usually have to force myself to mail things. Thanks K&J for making my life better.


Okay, I am SUPER happy about these! Don’t get me wrong, I love my new letterheads (don’t worry – ’cause I know you are – there is an Instagram photo of those that you’ll see in a minute.) But these! They will not only be way more aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they’ll pack easy with the rest and will be sturdier and easier to keep with you for printing! How awesome is that?!


A lot of you have probably seen these over on Facebook, or if I have seen you recently and given you one (or ten…I have seriously been looking for reasons to give these beauties out) but just look at how great they are going to go with everything. I ordered these from MOO – such a great printing company. I actually just ordered some beautiful, high-quality notecards from them that are on their way that will fit in perfectly with the final product! Next time you see me, ask me for a card and you will MAKE MY DAY!


I pulled from my Instagram feed for this one. Hence the filter. But these are my letterheads, I have already gotten to print a bunch with them and they are awesome!


Okay, last one, then I will go take a break and calm down. Maybe. I make no promises on that front though. This is ALMOST the final product of what my wedding clients will receive. There will be one of the notecards with a little message from me and the USB in the pouch in there.
Does anyone else get a weird satisfaction that the tissue paper matches everything? No? Well, I do.

It is exhausting being me.


Okay, like I said, I am giddy (just in case you missed it in all the rambling…) so I might go eat a piece of bread in hope of soaking up some of the caffeine I have drank today. I am fully aware that that isn’t a really effective method, but I have to do something with all this energy and excitement!

I would be oh-so pleased if you left a comment with any thoughts on all this gorgeousness!

-Anne Victoria

Listening to: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack. I am on a musical kick.
On deck: Expect some favorites, a proposal, and a few other fun things this week!

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  • Krista Esterling - I am obsessed with the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. GREAT choice. OH, and seriously gorgeous packaging, too. :) I happen to fully understand the excitement over new marketing materials!!ReplyCancel

    • Anne - I know! SO good. I have a playlist with MR, Spring Awakening, and Across the Universe. It has been on ALL the time. And thank you, Krista!ReplyCancel

      • Krista Esterling - Seriously. I used an instrumental version of Sparkling Diamonds as my floor routine music for gymnastics in 9th grade… I was a girl obsessed with Moulin Rouge! And I’m sorry I hijacked your comments and turned the convo into musical talk. Because your packaging is worthy of WAY more gushing than this silly talk. If you’re ever in the cities and want someone to be giddy with, then we should get coffee! ♥ReplyCancel

        • Anne - Hahah! No worries! I watched Moulin Rouge a ridiculous amount in HS too! I would love to get coffee sometime! Even just to talk shop and catch up! It’s been too long! I will be down this weekend if you have time? Text me! :)ReplyCancel

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