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What a lovely wedding. This small soiree in Two Harbors had me at hello! And if you haven’t been to Larsmont Cottages, you should definitely add it to your list of North Shore To Dos!


• The rose ceremony: I haven’t seen this at another ceremony but it was lovely and had me in tears. Reiko and Kim exchanged roses while the officiant (their close friend!) explained – any time they would become mad or upset in their marriage, they will buy a single rose and leave it for the other. Mad or not it is a constant reminder of their love. Such a touching concept.

• Wonderfully small group: Most of you know that small weddings have a special place in my heart. Something about the fact that everyone knows each other is so special. They really bring out the love.

• Flowers: Done by Angela’s Bella Flora in Duluth, I couldn’t stop snapping photos of the bouquet and the flowers they had around the room. I have always been a sucker for details and these flowers did me in!

Get ready for lots of wedding shots!

Thanks for checking it out!



Watching: I took the huge step and decided to start rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Love it so much.
Drinking: Hot tea on this dreary morning!
On deck: Tricia & Grant’s wedding and information about a model workshop!


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A great start to any wedding planning is deciding what kind of tone you want your wedding to have. A huge part of that is color! Are you a pastel, neutral person? Bright and airy? Maybe jewel tones are your thing?

I found this site a while back and fell in love! Design Seeds is essentially a collection of great color palettes which shades of every color imaginable. Jessica, the artist behind these, uses photos to pull colors from. I love this for so many reasons, but the top one is how inspiring it is. I do a very small amount of design work and I sometimes struggle to find the colors I want to pair. Searching through these palettes helps me see some of those pairings that aren’t expected, but stunning.

This is a great resource for picking wedding colors! So many weddings have one or two dominant colors with a few accent ones. I love when an accent color pops or there are some unexpected pairings. It keeps it so visually interesting.

Check this one out! She really finds the color in each photo that is the basis for the palette.


Also, you can search by color. Great it you are sure about one color but not so sure about which direction to go with it.

Long story short, go get lost here for a while!


– AV


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Drinking: Decaf tea (trying to not caffeinate after 7!)

On deck: Watch for wedding photos over at my Facebook page!

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Oh, small weddings how I love you. There is something about a small, intimate wedding that is just lovely. Kate & Chris had some great touches to their small beach wedding.


• Mismatched china place settings. Something you can’t very easily do with big weddings but SO great.

• Great location! The carriage house on Park Point is so gorgeous.

• Their adorable son. I refrained from posting any photos of him, but believe me when I say that he was adorable. Although anyone that knows me is aware that I think all children are adorable…but really. He is EXTRA cute.

• Live guitarist! Such a cool aspect.




Thanks for looking!

– AV

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On Deck: Overall updates and new marketing plan!

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