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The third of my “Favorites” series! I am really excited about this group of photos. I absolutely adore family sessions. It is the best way for me to mix up my shooting schedule between weddings and engagement sessions. Family sessions are the only non-wedding related sessions that I don’t limit. There are a few reasons for that and I really want to talk about a few of them here.

Firstly, there is something extra special about documenting a family. Whether they are a young family with toddlers and babies, a family with kids in college, or anything in between it is so important to preserve memories. I love being a part of that process. Sometimes I wish this kind of family portraiture was around and common when I was a kid, but unfortunately, the 90s was all about department store sessions, bowl cuts, and mickey mouse sweatshirts…maybe it’s good we didn’t document that more…


The second thing I love about family sessions is slightly more specific to my style of family sessions. All on location, with natural lighting, and many times activity based. I love capturing the true essence of children in these images as well as the interactions between members of the family. There is something satisfying about ending up with a group of images that is balanced between candid emotive photographs, funny face shots, and ones that I pose more. And don’t forget the “bloopers” that many sessions have.

Posing! Now I love to get creative with engagement posing and with couples, but I have so much fun working with slightly larger groups. There are options for composing shots that simply aren’t possible with two people. Plus, so many cute things happen with kids!

I could honestly go on and on about family sessions but I will cut this off here! On to the gallery (I couldn’t limit it to 50…I TRIED I SWEAR! haha). This gallery contains images of so many wonderful families that I have gotten to know in the last few years. I also included 2 anniversary sessions I have done with former wedding clients, they are after all a new family!

So please, leave these wondrous people some love and share away with anyone who might want to set up a spring session! I am itching for some family sessions after all this talk about them!


One more thing: I am running a deal that expires on March 15th! If you have been interested in booking any kind of session with me and you book/pay by March 15th, you get 10% off! Email asap to talk details!

– Anne Victoria

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On deck: Annie & Bob’s wedding will be blogged on Friday! And the last two installments of my Favorites series within the week.

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Oh, engagement sessions. Even when I have four in one week, I still love them. There is something really fun about getting to know your wedding clients. They get used to how I work as well as how I act (I like to think that I act professional with a hint of wit and ridiculousness…yeah?). There is also a great aspect in the fact that I get a glimpse into the relationship of a couple whose journey into marriage is just beginning. I know how cheesy that sounds, but it is such an exciting time and I am lucky to get to be a part of it!

So these are in no particular order. There are definitely a lot of fall shots. Which makes sense because fall is THE BEST. Really, the only bad part about fall is the fact that winter comes after…okay, I don’t really hate winter. I love it actually. I am just still thawing out from trudging through the three feet of drifted snow around my house.

Hopefully these photographs remind us all there there IS something other than snow and winter.

And what do you want to see next? Family sessions? That’s what I’m leaning towards. :)

– AV

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I am still surprised that fans over at Facebook were interested to know what MY favorite shots have been. I do have to admit however that there is a massive sense of pride along with this and almost disbelief that I have been able to capture so many meaningful moments for so many wonderful people. Sifting through these joyful images was extremely humbling. I am so so grateful for all my clients, and a special shout out to those of you that gave me a chance when I had very little experience.

And holy cow, this was way harder than I thought it would be, but some aspects aren’t surprising: lots of black and white, lots of backlighting, and a good dose of fun, light-hearted shots. I limited myself to 50 shots total otherwise this could’ve gotten out of hand quickly!

So, chronologically, here are my favorite wedding photographs that I have taken over the last 2.5 years.

What are YOUR favorites? Also, I will be doing posts on my favorite engagement, family, infant, and artistic/misc images so watch for those over the next week! Which one should I do next??

Ha. Yeah, feelin’ a bit stir crazy.

– Anne Victoria

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On deck: Favorites posts, and so many fun photos. I have a big weekend ahead!

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  • Katie Peloquin - Yay! We made the cut!! ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - I framed and gave the picture of me and my grandmother to her for Christmas. I was close to tears while wrapping it because it truly encompasses our relationship. So beautiful! Glad it made your top 50!!! Thanks for all you do, Anne!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Of course, Rebekah! Your wedding was a joy to photograph. Really. And I love when the photos are used as gifts too! :)ReplyCancel

  • April Barnard - I love your work. I’m so glad we chose you!
    I feel like a much bigger part of something not just a bunch of our own pictures! :)
    Keep up the good work Anne!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you, April! The shot with the sun flare from your ceremony may be in my top ten of my personal favorites!ReplyCancel

  • Megan Hughes - I love the grumpy little boy walking down the aisle and the kilt kiss! :) Great work Anne!ReplyCancel